Thursday, January 26, 2006

Why, Mr. V? Oh, Why?

I read Red Polka Dot in a World Full of Plaid today. Amazing. I could not put it down. Varian Johnson jumps right into the action in the first paragraph. One minute, I was laughing. The next, I was so very sad. Full of plot twists I would not have expected. A great story. Fabulous characters and an ending that made me want to drive down to Austin and punch Mr. V in the nose! Why, Mr. V? Oh, why?

Highly recommended! I predict a bright future for Mr. Varian Johnson!


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At 8:39 PM, Blogger Varian Johnson said...

Hey Kim,

I'm glad you liked it. As far as the ending goes...that's pretty much the same comment I get from everyone that reads the novel. Believe me, even I don't like the ending, but I just couldn't see it ending any other way.

Thanks again. And don't worry - my next novel has a much more upbeat ending (at least, for now).



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