Saturday, January 21, 2006

High School Musical

Did you catch Disney's High School Musical last night? This was a major event at my house. We'd planned to have a bunch of girls over to watch it with us. Since we still have some sickies, we skipped that and watched it alone.

Disney Channel is SO GOOD at tapping into that little girl audience with their Disney Channel Original Movies. They hype the show with all the behind the scenes stuff for weeks before the show. There's always a soundtrack and web tie ins. You can go to the Disney Channel site and print the lyrics (guess what A's doing now?) so you are ready to sing along tonight when they replay it! Um...we taped it, so we're also watching it again RIGHT NOW.

Plus, most of the movies star a Disney Channel star. I've also noticed they use these movies to launch new stars. Just a few months, there will be a new series with a kid who "starred in High School Musical."

I love Disney. It's not enough that I want a published book. I want a published book, that is turned into a Disney Movie WITH A SOUNDTRACK! I can dream big, can't I?

Edited to add: We went to Target and Borders to look for the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL CD. Target didn't appear to have it. Our Borders had it earlier in the week, but they were out. We talked to the smart lady at the info desk. She said that she noticed it was on the best seller list on Wednesday, so she already ordered more. Since A has a Borders gift certificate she's dying to use, we gave the lady our name and she'll call us later this week when it's in. Apparently, lots of little girls had already been in today looking for that CD. By the time we arrived, Info Lady knew all about the movie and the CD.


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