Friday, January 13, 2006

It's a PARTY! *BYOB*

It was a busy December, and I vowed that I would not host any parties until summer. But, I'm breaking the rules (sort of). This is a virtual party. A Query Letter Party and it's taking place at 9:00 Central time. BYOB! (Bring Your Own Book!) husband has gone to a party without me. One of his actuarial colleagues just passed his ASA exam, so it's time to party actuarial style (YAWN!). Actually, I couldn't get a babysitter on such sort notice.

After my girls finish their dance party (Twister Moves...really fun game!) in a few minutes, it's off to bed for them. I'll be making myself a drink and sitting down at the computer to research markets and write queries.
I have a whole lot of manuscripts that I failed to send out last year, and my first goal of the year is to get those things out the door.

I promise not to send out the queries until tomorrow...just in case I throw a wild party :-)

RSVP below. Tell me what you're working on and what you're bringing to the party.


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