Thursday, January 12, 2006

Children's Music Recommendation

I posted a review of Mr. Stinky Feet's Roadtrip at YA Books Central. We don't usually review music, but this is a very special CD, so I asked Kimberly to make an exception.

Jim Cosgrove (Mr. Stinky Feet) is a children's entertainer from Kansas City. This is his first CD on a major record label, although this is his sixth children's CD. I am proud to say we own them all...and I've purchased most of them as gifts for family and friends.

For a long time, we were groupies. Lately, we haven't been able to catch so many shows...conflicts with travel and sports. He performs several times a year at our Children's Museum. This year was the first time in four years that we'd missed his New Year's celebration there. I wish I could share a little video so you could see the way kids respond to this guy. Watching him perform makes me want to get up on stage and dance (and if you know me, you realize singing on stage would be a HUGE mistake!). The room is filled with energy.

Last summer, we road tripped to Omaha ...and happened to catch him on tour there. So, we loaded up the grandparents and cousins and caught a show. A, S and their cousin P all got on stage and played instruments "in the band." They had a great time and convinced grandma to buy them a stuffed Bop Bop Dinosaur.

Jim Cosgrove is a true entertainer. Sample the music on his site (partial samples on his site; samples of every song at Amazon.) and also check out the tour schedule. I guarantee the pre-schoolers in your life will love him!

In case you're wondering...No, I don't know him personally. Just what I see on stage. Even if you don't like his music (which you will!) he is worth seeing just so you can observe the way he interacts with the children and engages them.

**By the way, I think the Road Trip CD would make an excellent addition to a road trip survival kit. The CD (a CD player and headphones if you don't want to share in the music experience), road games, card games, coloring books and crayons/markers (or Color Wonder stuff if you have kids who can't be trusted with markers in the car). I'll bet a search at would provide tons of fun ideas for a road trip kit.


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