Friday, December 23, 2005

A Wild Birthday!

"A" had quite the wild 8th birthday party!

We had 15 for caroling. The one boy brave enough to hang with girls for the night went home at 9. Three girls left (planned ahead of time) at midnight. The rest (11 girls!) stayed up until about 1:30-1:45 a.m. They all woke up at 7:00.

We crammed them in the dining room for pizza. Then, we practiced our songs and went caroling. We haven't had carolers around here in many years, so people thought it was really neat. One lady started dancing in her living room and sang with us :-)

We came home, had hot chocolate and cake, opened presents. We decorated two gingerbread houses. I turned my back for just a second and the project took a wild, crazy turn. The kids spread frosting all over their hands and arms and tried to stack one house on top of the other. Soon, candy and cereal pieces were falling onto the carpeting. The table was smeared with frosting. I almost cracked. Instead, I took a picture and sent them to wash their hands.

We put in Madagascar and some of the kids watched. The others (about 6) decided to give people movie theater "jobs." Some were in charge of snacks, drinks...and spills. They even had a bathroom attendant. Yeah, strange :-0 Soon, one of the girls (who cried at least five times over the course of the party) started crying about how jobs weren't fair and she didn't like that game.

That was fine. It was time for bed. We spent the next three hours trying to get everyone to bed.

Overall, a fun party. I'm glad "A" now understands why smaller parties are more fun. It was quite chaotic, but memorable. I often do you get to have a sleepover with all the girls from your class? We can only hope future sleepovers will have a nice, small group of say...5 or fewer girls!

My girls were in bed promptly at 8:30 last night and no one woke me up until 8:15! I got 10 1/2 hours of much-needed sleep last night!


Silly side story: Earlier that night, we had our first major spill on the new carpet--a full cup of hot chocolate. I finally got it all out yesterday, but I thought I was going to need to use that Stainmaster Warranty! It's because of situations like this that one pays the big $$ for that stuff, afterall! Early in our marriage, hubby spilled a whole bowl of chili on our new white kitchen chairs. They came out and replaced the whole seat FREE! No questions. No hassle!


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