Thursday, December 08, 2005

Have a Holly Jolly ...

Have a holly jolly birthday! Yes, that's us. Instead of writing, I'm planning yet another birthday party before Christmas. Almost-8-year-old "A" has decided that she wants a birthday sleepover. We're inviting 12, count 'em--12, girls to the party (plus three boys who will go home before bed time.)

I was a bit freaked out by the idea of having 12 second grade girls over night. That was before I had a brilliant idea that "A" happened to love. We're going caroling. Pizza, practice, caroling, hot cocoa and cake, presents, a craft or two. I think this party will be one of the easier parties I've planned. We're also thinking about making gingerbread houses, but we started one this afternoon and it's not looking so swell.

I ended up taking nothing to critique group after all. I just couldn't focus. Fortunately, I have lots of "air" time in the next few weeks. I'll be traveling to Florida without kids next week, which should give me some good writing time.

I'm going to a holiday wrapping/card addressing party tonight. I'll be working on my cards. Our Christmas picture of the kids is beautiful. S took especially good pictures--she looks like a princess--better than a princess, really.

Other than two birthday party invitations and about 15 birthday thank you notes, my other big writing project is our Christmas "letter." I took the easy way out, but here it is:

Happy Holidays!

Instead of our usual Christmas letter, we thought we’d give you a Christmas quiz. Select the best answer to each question below. Then, see how you score!

1) A is in second grade and will be eight next month. She is involved in her school’s Spanish club and enjoys writing and singing. She plays:

a) soccer and basketball…and would add more activities if she had the time.
b) Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.
c) guitar in a rock band.

2) S just turned five and can’t wait to go to school next year. She is learning to read and:

a) plays soccer and takes swimming lessons. She scores lots of goals!
b) likes to kiss boys.
c) ran a marathon this year.

3) K is 18 months. She adores her sisters and enjoys reading books. She climbs everything, is becoming quite the talker and:

a) loves to play with dolls.
b) HATES water—just like her sisters.
c) is not allowed to grow up.

4. C traveled a lot for work this year. He finally bought:

a) Chiefs season tickets.
b) a cool car.
c) HP stock to support his family’s printing habits.

5. Kim insists there’s nothing new to report again this year. She:

a) still enjoys writing children’s stories.
b) would love to play in the snow and freeze her toes off every day.
c) is pregnant.

6. C & Kim will celebrate their 15th anniversary next year, so they're skkskslaljhchcht and going to :

a) dkkdksksksks!
b) the library.
c) a Star Trek convention

ANSWERS: A—of course, “A” is the correct answer for all of the above. Give yourself one point for each correct answer.

If you scored:

· 5 or 6—HOORAY! We’ve done a pretty good job of keeping in touch with you this year.

· 3 or 4—ARE YOU ASLEEP? If we talked to you, you weren’t paying attention.

· 2 or fewer—LET’S TALK! What have you been up to? We miss you! Give us a call at xxxxxxxx. Better yet, send an email to 123456 or 67890. We’re much better at keeping in touch with email!


At 6:28 AM, Blogger Don Tate II said...

I wish I'd seen this post last week. Great idea. I wrote our family letter this year and it was pretty run-of-the-mill.


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