Saturday, November 26, 2005

A Great Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving. We Pricelined a nice hotel in downtown Omaha for $35 / night. Hubby asked for a room on one of the upper floors so the girls could see the holiday lights.

On Thursday morning, they woke up at 7:00. After showering and primping, we explored the hotel while their daddy slept in (just a little). The place was deserted--just us and a Southwest Airlines crew from what we could tell. (They did tell Hubby that they had over 100 empty rooms that night). A hotel worker asked if the girls could have a present. He gave them each a cool backpack that included a book, coloring book, colors and a magnetic picture frame. They came in handy. We always drag more junk into hotels than we can manage to fit into our suitcases. I thought it was a nice gesture...and a great value...considering our room was uber cheap! case you're wondering...we had a great time with the relatives too. One of the first Thanksgivings since we moved away that I haven't gotten a migraine when we visited.

It was a short visit. We came back Friday afternoon. I took two girls to the urgent care first thing this morning--sinusitus leaking out baby K's eyes again. S has a sinus infection and a horrid cough. Antibiotics for both.

Their Grandma came to town tonight with the cousins we just left on Friday. They're having a special girls'/cousins' weekend on the town. Hubby has a friend in for the football game. They're at the casino wasting money right now. Baby K is sleeping. I am taking a break from revising. Gotta get to work. I'm burning valuable alone time!


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