Thursday, January 26, 2006

Why do you blog -- revisited

Back to blogs and promotion for a minute.

Why do writers have blogs? Is it a place to dump their thoughts, kick-start the writing day, reward oneself for actually writing, a place for networking and swapping ideas, a promotional tool, or all of the above?
Personally, I think writers, especially MG and YA authors are foolish if they don't have a web presence of some sort. It's a great way to connect with their target audience.

I keep two blogs (completly identical--one on Blogger and another on LJ. Don't ask. I'm still confused.) I have a stat counter on my blog at Blogger. Nearly all of the hits are from 1) blogging friends 2) people looking for author or book references 3) people Googling the topics I blog about (most of which are somewhat related to things the YA/MG audience or their parents would be interested in.

Right now, I write about whatever strikes me. I'm still unpublished and I figure I have time to experiment. Once I'm published, I'm not sure I'd change much. Yesterday, I received 40 hits from people looking for the lyrics to that Disney movie while it was replaying on TV.

Now, the question becomes -- would a person intent on finding lyrics NOW...RIGHT NOW WHILE THE SHOW IS ON...take the time to read something interesting about a book that might be targeted to their age group?

Probably not. But maybe. It's definitely worth thinking about.

Just checked the webstats--another 16 hits looking for lyrics as of 9:30 this morning! Definitely marketing lessons to be learned here! I want a Disney movie/musical/book deal!


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