Friday, January 27, 2006

Oh yea!

I now have six little manuscript babies out in the world. I sent off number six last night. Hooray for me!!!!

No, I didn't just scribble all these things down. It's all stuff I've written in the past 12 months. I just did another rewrite yesterday. I have a major rewrite today. By Monday, manuscript seven should be taking a road trip in a postal truck over the thumpity bumpity roads.

I'm shooting for 12 manuscripts out by June. Unfortunately, I don't have 12 I like I'll have to wait a few more months. I read a Jane Yolen quote on one of my writing lists -- someone asked her how she got so many manuscripts published. She said she made it a rule to always have 12 out there.

I couldn't find that quote, but I did find this one on her site:

A writer never gets used to rejections. But if enough manuscripts are out there, each small rejection is less important.


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