Thursday, September 08, 2005

Too Serious? This one's for you!

This post is for everyone who thinks my blog has been too serious lately. Let me tell you about this zoo we call a home.

How many times can a toddler (and mom!) spill popcorn before the smarties in my house take it away? Apparently, this number is somewhere around four. Yesterday, A came home from school just famished. She begged for some popcorn, so we promptly made a mini bag in the microwave. S wanted some too. No one was into sharing that day, so we made S the last bag of popcorn. Baby K is allergic to milk, so we had to airpop another bowl just for her. I walked into the kitchen just as K dumped S's popcorn all over the floor (never mind that they were sitting in my NEW chairs and this is my NEW carpet). We cleaned it up. I went back into the kitchen to pour the popcorn into the popper, I missed. While I cleaned popcorn off the floor, Baby K spilled A's popcorn. Once K got her own popcorn, of course she dumped it onto the ground.

This is when we gave up and left so A could perform a good deed (we'll forget that she's been a complete mouthy child all week and focus on this angelic behavior for a moment). A came home from school insisting that we needed to go back to the school with trash bags. The trash and candy wrappers in the school yard bothered her. She just knew that the principal would have to clean it up...and he wouldn't like it very much. So, we went back to the school to pick up trash. I felt a little like a criminal wearing an orange jumper on the side of the highway, but I was proud of her. Her teacher was leaving the building as we finished up and heaped on the praise and told her that the principal would be very proud of her when he heard about how much she cared about her school.

We went home, ate dinner and did homework. Then, we read more Gooney Bird Greene on the trampoline by lantern light.

This morning, I made homemade waffles for Baby K who has really been missing her frozen waffles ever since we discovered she's allergic to milk and soy. I think I almost have my recipe perfected. The last time, I didn't like the amount of oil the recipe called for, so I substituted a small carton of cinnamon apple sauce. Yes, I'm a highly-scientific :-) cook. I might try pumpkin or bananas this weekend. Sounds yummy to me. My friend shakes her head and can't figure out how I make up recipes. I laugh and think...I can't follow a recipe. I have to tinker.

After we got A off to school, we took showers. Just as K and I got out of the shower, the phone rang. I let K run around naked while I took the call. She pooped on the floor. I picked it up and flushed it. Then I saw it...poop all over her hands. I quickly got off the phone and washed her up. I walked back into the bedroom and sniffed. I immediately began searching for more poop. Uh oh... Picture Writing was full of **it! Literally full of **it! Don't get me wrong. The book is fantastic, a must read. Nope...Baby K smeared poop all over it. I dressed baby K and then returned to wipe down the pages and spray with Lysol.

So, now that we were dressed, we wanted to go for a bike ride. We went to the garage and pulled out the bike and trailer. The bike had slightly flat tires, so we got out the pump. Bad idea. The pump sucked out all the air. We colored with chalk on the driveway and decided to go to Target to buy a new pump. Just $195 later, we had a new pump...and some other stuff.

Baby K fell asleep on the way home. I couldn't wake her. I fed S and tried to pump up the bike tires. This new pump wasn't any better than the last. We'll need to go to a bike store this weekend.

Baby K woke up. We took S to preschool. Baby K cried at my feet while I tried to work at the computer, so I gave up and folded laundry and read her some books. So much for writing time while S is at school!

We picked up S. A came home. The girls were starving. I fed them dinner at 4:30. Had a big fight with A about homework and spelling words. Got everyone dressed for soccer. Hubby met us. We traded cars. I took off for a room parents' meeting at school.

Put kids to bed. Did a few book reviews. Now, it's time to go to bed and start all over in the morning. TGIF!


At 9:15 AM, Blogger Don Tate II said...

I was completely with you until you had to go and mention home made waffles. Now I'm gonna wake the wife and head to IHOP before church. thanks!


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