Tuesday, September 06, 2005


MJ Rose shares her thoughts on Podcasting.

Why not use the podcasts as real marketing tools making them available at for free at iTunes, Audible.com, Amazon, BN, at sites like Bookreporter.com, at Readerville.com, at any and all large sites where readers congregate?

When – and forgive the analogy if it doesn’t work for you – a movie is released there is very little marketing focused on the viewers who saw the last Miramax title.

We need the same thing for podcasts that we need for everything else book related – a new navigation system. A new way to get the word out to readers through vehicles already being visited by tens of thousands, by hundreds of thousands, by millions.

Read her entire post.

I think she is right on!

Currently watching Speak. I recorded it last night with my DVR.
Bedtime Fun--Tonight, we took our pillows and blankets outside and read a chapter of Gooney Bird Greene on the trampoline by lantern light. Hubby tried to take a picture of us, but one camera had a dead battery and the other camera had a full card. We'll have try for the photo op again tomorrow. It was cute!


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