Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Picture Writing

I was so sad that my picture book writing class had ended. Then, I went to the mailbox and discovered that my copy of Anastasia Suen's Picture Writing had arrived along with the 2006 CWIM. I think these are the perfect books to help me as I work on the next step of my "getting published plan." This plan begins in full force next week--right after S starts preschool.

I can't wait to sit down with both books. I noticed that CWIM has a great article about Debby Garfinkle. (Whose book, Storky, is awesome, very funny! I'd love a sequel, but I also think it would make a nice sitcom!) And, that article is right next to one about Troy Wilson, author of Perfect Man.

If you have a YA novel that you'd like to have critiqued, bid on Kimberly Pauley's ebay auction . Money raised will help support the YABooksCentral review site.


At 10:09 PM, Anonymous Debby G. said...

Thank you! I really thought you disliked my book and were too nice to say anything. I remember a post a while back that you had my book on your reading pile, and then as I lurked on your blog I heard nothing.

And, really, I know not everyone is going to like my novel. Humor especially is so subjective, and I'm sure some people don't like the sexual references. My book group hardly ever agrees on anything. So I was totally being cool about it and not upset.

But it's totally great to read that you liked it! (I would love to do a sequel, but it probably has to sell better. And it's sort of being shopped around as a sitcom. From your mouth to producers' ears.) Thanks again.

At 4:31 AM, Blogger Kim said...

Oh, Debby! I am SO sorry I made you feel that way. I LOVED the book. Storky is one of those characters who still pops into my mind. That would be so awesome if they made a sitcom!

I read your book at the beginning of the summer. I've gone through so many stages of being exhausted with all the kids home. I kept meaning to post a review and then the summer just got away from me.

I am so glad that school is starting!

At 10:15 AM, Anonymous Debby G said...


Totally not your fault that I'm so neurotic. And I enjoy reading your blog anyway.

My older two children started school last week (hooray!), but my kindergardener doesn't start until next Thursday. My house is a mess and I've barely done any writing. I understand what summers with kids can do to a gal. Not that they aren't fun, but my to-do list is now horribly long.


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