Saturday, August 13, 2005

Traction Man and ART

I just read Traction Man for the first time yesterday. I like it. A lot. I love the boy's creativity and the way he uses common household items in his play. It has lots of tie-in potential--fun playing and writing activities. Mini Grey weaves the real life kid and parents into the story without disrupting the imaginary play that is taking place. So far, I've read it about six times. I've gotten something different from it each time.

Would you believe I have a few stories in my pile that are similar, yet different enough? Maybe their time has come! I'm taking these out to rework and revise this weekend (hopefully).

Have you read Traction Man? What did you think?

We're inside doing lots of rainy day stuff. Too bad this is how we have to spend our last carefree days of summer vacation! I've carried a notebook around the house the past few days. My girls seem to have noticed. A has written and illustrated four stories since last night. So, how does one encourage a seven-year-old aspiring illustrator? Do I just let her write and draw? Buy her some sort of art book? Enroll in art or drawing classes? Talk about art and story telling and how they work in books? OR just keep lots of art supplies on hand and let her do her own thing?


At 6:50 AM, Blogger Ellen said...

I love Traction Man! Especially when granny presents him with an "all-in-one knitted green romper suit with matching bonnet," which he grudgingly wears.


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