Thursday, August 04, 2005

Are you sick of my class yet?

I promise, Anastasia is not paying me to gush!

ANNOUNCER: This is an unpaid promotional announcement.

Is your writing stalled? (stalled car starter noise.) Are you confused by conflicting critiques? (car crashing, screeching brakes) Are you unsure of how your writing fits into the world? (busy cars zipping on highway noises.) Do you need creative inspiration? (harps and la, la, la singing).

If so, then Anastasia Suen's Picture Book Workshop is for you. (TA DA! music)

If you are a busy mom, a corporate executive, a teacher, a painter, a dad, a chauffer, a living, breathing being, you must be organized to fit all this reading and writing into your life. (person clomping up and down stairs) But, it's worth it! (breathes a sigh of relief) Let's look at what you will learn in only the first week!

George, tell us more!

GEORGE: This information-packed workshop will teach you to read, analyze and categorize books and apply what you've learned to your own writing. A baby makes discoveries about her world by sorting and categorizing. (child's laugh) You will learn about writing the same way. (adult voice, likee Ferris Bueller...Oh, yeah...).

But that' s not all. You also get...

ANNOUNCER: uh, George, we could tell them more, but then, we'd have to... (death march type song) you know how it goes.

See Anastasia's workshop page for more information. Call now...operators are standing by. Well, not really, but you can sign up online, so ORDER TODAY!


Seriously, this class is very worthwhile and fun too!


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