Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Is it whimpy to admit this bugs me?

Is it whimpy to admit that this post at Agent 007's blog really bugs me? I was really surprised to see the number of people who commented that agreed with her.

From Agent 007's blog:

I found this smart Salon article by Patricia Chui, called “Confessions of a Slush Pile Reader,” and recommend it as additional insight. Here’s an excerpt:"The sad thing is that I have this attitude now toward authors who send in unsolicited manuscripts. Before, I thought that the slush pile was great because you could discover some talented genius and that all these authors laboring away in obscurity without agents were so noble. Now, I consider every unagented author to be slightly psychotic and deranged, and every unsolicited manuscript to be bad."

I was always told that picture book authors don't need agents, at least not right off. It's kind of that chicken and egg thing anyway. You can't get one without being published, but no one will publish your book without an agent.

Part of me thinks that a lot of what's in the slush pile is from the lazy people who don't research the publishers and editors and who don't polish their prose. That ought to make mine stand out, shouldn't it? Then again, maybe my writing isn't as good as I hope it is. Maybe I'm one of those newbie writers who sends in things that look like first drafts.

So, now what's this Over-Caffeinated Mom to do? I'm working my behind off. I'm in two critique groups. I'm reading blogs and books and researching publishers. Tonight, I spent my night scouring the web for agents and then cyber-stalking their writers to get a taste of the types of books they like. Okay, I wasn't really stalking, but I felt like I was digging up dirt on people!

I have a new list of books to read, books by the authors of the agent on my wish list. Now what? Does anyone have any tips? Am I going about this right?

On an exciting note, I finished another draft of one of my old PBs. I really like this one. Greatly improved. How cool that I will have a polished draft for my critique group next week!

And, I start my new PB writing class next week. I can't wait!


At 9:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You'll love the Intensive Picture Book workshop, Kim!!!

Yay for you!


At 7:08 PM, Blogger Don Tate II said...

CAn you believe, I actually fired my big-time lit agent today. Kinda scary, I'm agentless. I feel like I have to start over, or maybe I should call her back and beg her back?


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