Wednesday, September 14, 2005

And, now...the rest of the story

Discussion yesterday while we were looking for the missing keys:
(Beary is S's bear)

ME: Where are those keys?
S: Beary said he hid them.
ME: S, you mean that you don't know where my keys are, so you're making up a pretend story about where they might be?
S: NO. Beary knows where they are.
ME: Then, tell Beary to go get them....and if you lost my keys, you'd better bring them back...right now! Where are those keys?

Conclusions: S has been exercising her creative skills. K still shows no signs of knowing how to use scissors. And, since I am the one who lost the keys, I'm feeling pretty bad for assuming S, K and Beary hid them from me :-)

S and I have out all my old batons right now. She's asking for another mini lesson....gotta go. It's not often my kids care about this old hobby of mine!


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