Thursday, September 15, 2005

And a Kangaroo too!

Yesterday, S and I were playing "dance studio." I was a student. She was the owner's daughter. She had to run the studio (and sat at the computer pretending to type as she enrolled me.) because her dad and mom got divorced. Her mom was getting remarried that day and was at the wedding. Parents are so easily replaced when kids play. Mom dies? Get a new one. Dad dies? Get a new one. Both parents die? Go live with your cousins.

What does this have to do with a kangaroo? When I asked why her parents were getting divorced, she said that her dad owned a pet store and kept bringing a kangaroo home. Her mom didn't like the kangaroo in the house, so they got divorced. The day my husband leaves me for a kangaroo, please send help!

We made up new kisses tonight. Do you know that thumb war rhyme? (1-2-3-4, I declare a thumb war.) Well, we kiss cheeks, alternating cheeks for each number. Then on the "kissing war" part, we do lots of fast kisses and gobble up cheeks, necks and tummies. Everyone went to bed laughing. Then, we had to do all the old kisses--butterfly kisses, eskimo kisses...we used to do elephant kisses where we made trunks with our arms and our hands kissed in the air.

Be sure to check out my review of Oliver's Must-Do List by Susan Taylor Brown at YABooksCentral. Oliver's Must-Do List was the top-secret book I posted about a few days ago. It's a fun book with lots of at-home and classroom potential. Susan has a traveling Oliver who can come visit your school. He brings along his backpack, his dog and a journal. How cute! Get the scoop on traveling Oliver and all his adventures at Oliver's blog. Yes, he has a blog!

In case you missed it, Susan also has a great post about independent book stores. After reading this post, I wrote to one of the indies in town and asked them to bring traveling Oliver to town. I reeealllly want him to come here. Isn't he cute?


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