Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Safely in Nebraska!

We arrived in Nebraska this evening at 7:00 p.m. My body is here, and I'm hoping my brain makes it here by morning. I performed one stupid person trick after another today. We don't need a repeat of it tomorrow.

My monthly conference call for my real job usually lasts 10-20 minutes. Today, I had to be someplace, so naturally it lasted 1:05, making me 20 minutes late for my writing club.

Writing club was fun. Great writers. No one specifically said they write for children, but many of the short pieces we wrote today wound up being children's stories.

Rushed home. Realized I didn't have money to pay the babysitter. Stopped by the ATM to get money. Got home. Realized I still didn't have correct change. Paid her $20 and told her I'd pay her the other $10 when we got back from vacation. (She's practically my fourth child and personal nanny, so she was cool with that.)

Fed kids. Ran around the house packing. Made a few Mapquest Maps because I still can't get around this town I grew up in. It's changed too much in the 11 years I've been gone.

Hit the road. Babbled with kids about the DVD player (Yes, they had books and reading material too. Cut me some slack; I was traveling alone with three kids!). Missed turn while yacking. (We won't mention that I've driven this route about 8 times a year for 9 years.) No biggie. No need to backtrack. Several routes around Kansas City. Oops! Bridge closed. 20 minute detour.

Made it up I-29. Stopped in Mound City for a potty break and fries.

An hour later, realized we were almost out of gas.

20 minutes later, drove 10 minutes out of way to find a gas station. Bought gas. Realized debit card is lost. Must have left it in ATM machine at lunch time. Called husband on cell. Bad cell signal. Cut off three times. He finally got the idea that I left the card in the machine. He called the card company to cancel debit card.

Currently: at dad's house without cash.

Thanks to everyone for the comments today. Would you believe we're going to a library for our vacation fun tomorrow?


At 1:00 PM, Blogger Heather said...

Well..it seems that you've spent all your unlucky credits...lots you you ought to be buying the next powerball ticket...or at least playing some slots! You are OWED some luck my dear!
Have a great time, relax,enjoy and hope things are less bumpy than the drie up!

P.S. I also made it a personal goal to read at least 5 novels this summer. I started yesterday and already completed #1 (Hey! Nostradamus by Douglas Copeland) It comes with high recommendations. I am currently Reading "A Wizard of EarthSea" by Ursula LeGuin, and next is the "The Inbetween World of Vikram Lall" (won the Giller last year)

take good care!


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