Saturday, May 21, 2005

Almost kidless

For the second time since 11 month old K was born, we hired a babysitter last night. Hubby went to a baseball game with a friend and I went to a mother-daughter party with A. A's friend was having a slumber party for her seventh birthday, and the moms all came over to make flip flops (which I keep forgetting are now called flip flops and not thongs, as they were called when I was young. A mother-daughter thong party just sounds gross.)

A and I made the cutest little flip flops. Ours are hot pink. She glued pink flowers and daisies to hers. Mine have bows, beads and feathers. I'm somewhat upset about the way I heard the party girls fighting last night. One of the girls always plays the "I'm not going to be your friend" or "I'm going home then" game when she's at our house and can't get her way. Last night, one of the girls tattled that A was vowing to not be someone's friend. One of the moms laughed that all four girls play the manipulation game all the time, which is news to me. I'm not sure which I'm more upset about--that they play this way or that the moms think it's funny. I don't.

Upon my return home, K and S were still awake at 9:30. Not a big deal. K fell asleep as soon as I held her. I was happy to see she let the babysitter hold her. They were cuddled up like buddies when I arrived. S went home with the babysitter to spend the night. She loves our babysitter and could really use the special attention right now. S is feeling left out because I've had to do so much with A over the last few months with homework and K is well...a baby...and takes tons of time.

So, here I sit, almost childless. K keeps crawling out of the office into the family room where we have most of the office furniture sitting right now. In a few hours, that room will be full of beds, tables, toys...all the junk I still can't find a place for. After that, hubby will paint our bedroom.

The new carpet arrives on Monday. I hope I can live through a few days of "I can't find my..." chaos. And, I wish that the girls were going to be visiting friends all afternoon instead of returning home during our big moving project. Actually, it would be easier to move to a new house than to move all our junk into one room. I could use a bigger house.


At 11:38 AM, Blogger Don Tate II said...

You know, we all need a few childless afternoons to renew our creative minds. Even weekends now and then.


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