Wednesday, May 18, 2005

the boyfriend list

the boyfriend list just might be one of my favorite books of all time. I don't know. Maybe it's that upcoming high school reunion. Preparing to attend a high school reunion is all about creating one big boyfriend list, isn't it? Well...I would have killed my husband if he'd said that about his old girlfriends last year when we went to his 20 year reunion just two weeks after I gave birth to K. But, it's true. High school was all about crushes. And boys. And thinking you were in love. Every week. With a different boy.

I had no idea I had started a real boyfriend list a few days ago. Each chapter of this book brings back another memory. I was all-wish, no-action in high school. But, even dreamers have boyfriend lists. (As my friend and I discussed while on the Precor machines today, I had no clue kids in my grade were doing....well... you know..."it"... in high school. Nah, they made that stuff up. This was part of a conversation about teenage boys and birth control.)

I think this book should be required reading for all my girlfriends before the reunion. I'll post my boyfriend list soon!

Thank you to all the great people who have been visiting my blog. I had no idea until just a few days ago, that anyone other than my friend Heather actually read my blog. I'm blown away and flattered to know that I have an audience. To the authors and illustrators who visit my blog and reply to my emails from Anastasia's Yahoo Group: You have made my week. Although I do not really know any of you, I feel like I am surrounded by caring friends who will help me navigate this bumpy writing road.

We made it to the Scholastic Warehouse Sale today. I let the girls pick out their own summer reading materials. I spent another 50 something dollars on books today. I think my total this week is over $115. I really wasn't done, but something tells me hubby is not going to appreciate this. (He did appreciate the two shark books S selected and seemed pleased with the girls' choices. It's always about the money, isn't it?)


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