Thursday, May 12, 2005

First Grade Reading **LL is Almost Over!

First grade reading **ll is almost over! We have 22 more books (or chapters from a chapter book) to read this weekend, and we will be done! I am so looking forward to a more relaxed reading pace. We really got behind when "A" moved to chapter books and took 45-60 minutes to read five-page chapters. I'm glad those days are behind us ... for another two years.

(Although, at the rate "S" is going, she'll be reading in the next few months! Amazingly, she seems to be teaching herself. She's asking lots of questions as she tries to decode everything she sees. Yes, my four year old sits at the keyboard and asks me to spell words for her as she taps away! And, she tries to read signs she sees. And, no, this is not related to competitive parenting. It's more of an observation about individuality.)

We had a lot of fun the other night. I let "A" read some books that are way too easy for her now, books that she had trouble with at Christmas. She read them to little sister "S" and zipped right through them. She was so proud to realize how far she's come in just a few months. Her formal assessment will come home in a few weeks, but I'm sure she's reading well into second grade level now, if not early third grade. I'm very proud of my sweetie! Last year at this time, I was convinced she was dyslexic because she really struggled with reading.

We reviewed our first grade spelling words tonight for the big "final" tomorrow. YOUR and YOU'RE are first grade spelling words. So are THEIR and THERE. I know a few first graders who could teach a few adults a thing or two about spelling!

Ah, the joys of summer!


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