Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Don't Think Pink

Just in case you thought I meant that marketing to women should be all fluffy and pink, let me clear that up. I didn't mean that at all, but I was attempting to describe the differences between how men and women process information. Usually men are straight to the point. No stories. Just the facts, ma'am. I think blogging is a great forum for these ad women since so many blogs have the feeling of stream of consciousness writing.

For me, these women bloggers are interesting because I get a glimpse inside their minds and a feel for how they live their lives. Products, services, stores, books...they can't be marketed if the consumer doesn't connect with the product in the first place. Hooray for women bloggers and marketers!

Marketing blogs worth noting:

A great blog by the co-author of Don't Think Pink, Andrea Learned.
And, one by a guy who can tell a story, Seth Godin, author of Purple Cow and Free Prize Inside (plus many, many more!)

I'm still trying to decide if I need two separate blogs. I'm leaning toward creating a marketing-only blog. I think those marketing-types could really use the children's lit insight, but I'm not sure they are really ready for the rush of creativity!


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