Thursday, April 28, 2005


I was on my way to the gym, thinking about all this blogging stuff, when I realized I am one big writing cliche:

1) Business writing (the fun kind, not that stuffy stuff) comes more easily for me because it's what I've been doing the longest. And, doesn't that just prove that the way to become a good writer is to write and write and never give up? I've always been a writer, but I've spent so many more years writing about sales, marketing and training issues than I've dedicated to picture books. It happens to be the only area where my articles have been published, and I'm certain that's because I've worked longer and harder at it than anything else.

2) Related to that, my connections got me my first paid gig. I still needed the guts to pitch the column idea, and I still needed a good idea. But, it was the relationship that started it all. So, go to those conferences and meet people. And, read, and write, and study industry web sites and blogs.

I had more, but I think I left them as S's preschool. Instead, more random thoughts:

I forgot to say that one reason I connected with Cynthia's "Riding with Rosa" was that I live in Kansas (the story takes place in Kansas) and my husband (and therefore, my daughters) are a distant, distant fraction of American Caddo Indian. "A" is very proud of her Indian blood and made my husband harrass his parents until they sent us a portrait of their Indian relatives to use in a school project.

And, please...give someone praise today. Your encouragement, however small, has the potential to change someone's life. Pay attention to the "average" kids as well as the slow learners and the gifted students you meet. Each person you touch has the potential to do something big. Give them the inspiration they need to do big things.


At 10:22 AM, Blogger The Gig said...

Hi Kim -- I love your subject today. I am experiencing what I think is "writer's block" already. Once upon a time before I started blogging, I had so much to talk about but for some reason today, I just can't get anything in my head to write about. Your comments about the kids is so true. I love them and like to encourage them no matter what.

Tomorrow is the Sabbath and I hope you have a blessed one. Maybe by the time the weekend of over, I will have something to blog about. God Bless

At 10:37 AM, Blogger The Gig said...

Kim, I realize that I mentioned that tomorrow is the Sabbath to you. I am a Seventh Day Adventist and our Sabbath is on Saturday. I read and enjoyed your blog, and my comment remains the same to you. I did, however get you mixed up with Shelly P., who is also Adventist. Here is hoping you have a very blessed weekend and I look forward to continue enjoying your blogs.

At 1:34 PM, Blogger Kim said...

Thanks. I read your blog today. I think it was just perfect. An essay about nothing. You know someone made a killing on a sitcom about nothing. WTG!


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