Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What's Up, America?

Constantine? Constantine? Where, oh where were his fans last night? I admit, he was not good last night. But, don't ya think he did better than Mr. Dion and Mr. Girl Friend Beater? Come on! So, I'm rooting for Bo. And my girls pick Carrie. Oh boy...I hope that means I'm not stuck listening to country music when they are teens.

Meg finally updated her blog, and she did not disappoint. Lauren did too, and our morning posts were remarkably similar. She mentioned her lack of Idol blogging, Meg Cabot's blog and Lemony Snickett. Did I mention that I happened to buy the girls that DVD today? Not as scary as we thought it would be. "A" thought that Haunted Mansion was much more frightening.

YES!! I also goaded Heather into updating. There's always something to think about over there. Even if she is cheating on us. Actually, I'm about to commit Polyblogamy myself. It may be necessary for this new, top-secret project I'm working on.

Dang--I forgot to mention one of the coolest parts of my day. 1) I took my measurements again today. I weigh the same as last August, but I've lost three inches (on just the places I measured). One inch from my waist. And, half inch from my bust (x2) and hip measurements. Thighs did not change much in measurements. I only wish I'd measured my bicep area. I can SEE it's looking way better.

And, 2) My legs are looking SO cool, if I do say so myself. I remember seeing pics of my cyber friend Sherri and she had such great legs. If I recall, she's not pleased with her "athletic" legs. Well, I am very happy with mine! When I walk, I can see the muscular inverted V where the muscles meet at above my knee. And, I can see the lines down the outside of my leg. How do I know? I saw my cool legs in my reflection in a door today. Then, I had to stare from all angles while I worked out! Goofy, I know!


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