Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Whose butt is that small?

I've been thinking of who I might see at this reunion.

There was this boy (D) I adored. One Sunday after church, he and his friend (J) came to my door. They wanted to know if I would "go with" J.
"Go where?" my innocent second grade self asked.
"Go with. Not go somewhere." D explained.
"Hu??" I asked.
"You know...be his girlfriend." D said.
'Uhhhhhhh." I ran inside to my mom. Mom sorted through the Valentine's Day conversation hearts and found one that said "Buzz off!" I hurried back to the door and handed J the conversation heart. Then, I closed the door and laughed.

Gee...I sound like I was a really mean little kid. I'll bet I broke J's grade school heart! The point of that story was really that I thought I loved D from second grade clear on through high school and even into college (when I had another boyfriend) and D and I ran into one another in the dorms.

The thing I remember about the more grown up D is that he once told me he'd never date a girl whose butt was wider than his. Looking back on this, it's doubtful he barely started puberty before high school graduation. He had one narrow back side. I still wonder to this day where he found a woman who had a hiney that small.

I received a really nice email from one of my old cheerleading friends who was also my freshman roomie in college. We haven't spoken in about 18 years! It was great to hear from her and learn that she has four girls, all close in age to mine.

Then, I paid to subscribe to Classmates.com (sucker!) and sent a few emails of my own. I've been snubbed! Three of the four emails have been read and NO ONE has responded to me!

Oh well. We've decided to at least go to the reunion picnic with the kids.

My writing thought of the day-- I enjoyed the Cynsations post about random acts of kindness for book people. I'm still trying to think of something really cool, but I did send A's teacher this link with a sentimental magazine story, First Grade's Forever. I knew there was a reason this year was so magical!


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