Tuesday, May 17, 2005

How I Spent The Last Two Hours Before Summer Vacation

After I posted below, I thought, "Hmmm. This sounds like the beginning of a boyfriend list." Naturally, this prompted a trip to the book store to actually purchase the boyfriend list by e. lockhart.

S is officially on summer break. Here's how I spent my last few almost-childless hours before the start of summer vacation:

1) Attempted to drop of an over-sized bag of children's clothing to Goodwill. They were full for the day, not accepting donations.

2) Attempted to buy books at the Scholastic Book Warehouse Sale. They were closed until 4:00.

3) Selected paint chips for hubby so we can paint our bedroom before the new carpet arrives on Monday.

4) Rushed through Borders in my final 20 minutes of freedom.

5) Purchased the boyfriend list, Prom, Speak and Free Prize Inside. Turned the remaining copy of the boyfriend list out. Searched for Storky. It wasn't in stock. Searched on the computer and left the search on the screen as I browsed picture books. Looked for picture books by Kansas illustrator, Christine Schneider. Also not in stock.

Now, I'm home. I need to leave in 5 minutes to take K to the doctor for sinus x-rays. Poor baby girl has a cruddy nose--and she just got off her antibiotics two days ago.


At 7:19 PM, Anonymous Debby G. said...

Thanks for thinking of Storky. It's not one of the books Penguin is pushing this season. Sigh. Not in many bookstores.

I'm almost done with Boyfriend List. What a fun read!


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