Friday, May 20, 2005

Because I'm losing my mind -- more on marketing

I think I need a better system for remembering things these days. Once again, I've thought of something I meant to post earlier.

Marketing Tip #1 --If you are an author, and your book is not reviewed at Young Adult Books Central and your bio is not posted, you are wasting a tremendous marketing opportunity. Get on over and do something about it...or ask a friend to. To keep up on what's happening over there, check out the YA Books Central Blog. While you're there, tell Kim how much you appreciate her. The site is awesome!

If you are a reader and you enjoy YA books, head on over too before you make your next trip to the book store or library. You'll find some great recommendations.

Marketing Tip #2 -- If you are an author, get a blog! Read this great article by Lara Zeises in the May Smart Writers Journal. Take a look at Laurie Halse Anderson's blog post from today. I dare you to tell me this reader interaction doesn't sell books.

But, of course, we all read the same stuff. You already knew this stuff, right? Get back to work now.


At 7:52 PM, Blogger Kimberly Pauley said...

Thanks for the plug :-)

And I know what you mean about Ruby in The Boyfriend List. I need to get around to making my own list...I'm just not sure I even want to know...


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