Thursday, May 19, 2005

See, I can't even get my titles right

Now that I know I have subscribers to my RSS feed, I can't publish and republish this thing every time I find a typo. So, the title below (Girlfriends' Cyber Circuit) is what I was going to write about before I got sidetracked with the whole List thing.

Here's what I planned to say about the GF Cyber Circuit: The Girlfriends' Cyber Circuit is a group of chick lit writers who have banded together to help promote one another's books. I noticed in the FAQ on E. Lockhart's blog that she participated in a Cyber Circuit book tour where she was interviewed on each of the Girlfriends' sites.

How cool is that? Now, what I want to know is....what other circuits are there? Why not create a picture book writers' cyber circuit, or a Kansas writers' circuit? Texas has a strong thing going with all the Texas bloggers who promote one another. I suppose SCBWI chapters could help pull writers together for the purposes of marketing.

Rather than one writer doing school visits alone, why not send a group of writers for a Kansas Literature Celebration or a Nebraska Writing Workshop? Why not work together to get schools to buy a collection of picture books by that state's authors? If it's not in the budget, ask the PTO to buy it. (Well, maybe that's only done in schools where the PTO has the ability to raise $30K+ a year for one school's projects. But,'s your money! ASK!)

I know. I'm very naive about these things. But, I'll keep calling 'em as I see 'em.


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