Monday, May 23, 2005

Star Wars

We saw the new Star Wars movie at the drive in Saturday night. What a bargain! Kids are free, so it cost us only $14 to get in. We brought a cooler full of Diet Pepsi Lime and a bag of popcorn, and the girls were set. Much, much less expensive than a theater where we all have to pay and buy concessions...or having a date night where we spend $50+ for a baby sitter. Plus, the pre-show entertainment is priceless.

They had 50s music playing before the movie started. They also still play those old concession stand ads with the gooey, buttered popcorn. A wore her jammies and played on the 1950s style playground equipment before the movie started. We enjoyed people-watching too. Some high school girls piled out of a car with light sabers. They all wore their hair in Princess Leia buns spiral wrapped by their ears. Lots and lots of SUVs and mini vans. Plus, a few beater pick up trucks with couches thrown in the back. Some people came early and had a major dining experience with the whole camping table deal. Others spread out sleeping bags or chairs in front of their vehicles. We prefer letting the girls sleep in the back of the van. They almost never watch the movie, but think it's a great adventure.

We enjoyed the movie, but I fell asleep with the girls. The parts I did wake up for were good. C and I both agreed it was hard to get into the movie since we already knew how it ended.

The carpet guys are due here any minute. We had a big family camp out in the basement since our beds are in pieces all over the house. The room painting went well. I love the new color.

This is the last full day of school here. A had the big ice cream party for reading 400 books this school year. After all that pressure to get those books in--only FIVE kids in her class qualified to go to the ice cream party, the reward for reading all those books. I was afraid she was not going to ever want to read again. After a few days off, she has amazed me. I think, despite all the pressure and fighting over reading this year, we've managed to create a reader! She has been reading to us all weekend, and really enjoys reading to her little sisters. The best part is when she runs into a room with a book in her hand and just HAS to tell me about some funny thing she's just read. She even stayed up late last night reading a picture book by flashlight. ::grin:: She gets that from me.


At 12:13 PM, Blogger Heather said...

You fell asleep?

I was at the edge of my seat! I was almost cheering right along with Owen. Okay - I've been a fanatic since 1978. I've been waiting to see how it all unfolded

Sounded like a great evening!

At 12:31 PM, Blogger Kim said...

I knew someone would think that sleeping thing was funny!Yes, I faded in and out of sleep and the three girls slept!


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