Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Slow blogging

I think it will be slow blogging for the next two weeks. The new carpet is in. The paint is lovely. But, I'm surrounded by toys, books, papers, suitcases, office supplies and other miscellaneous junk. We emptied every room and every closet to prepare for the big carpeting overhaul.

We used to move every two years, so we had no need for spring cleaning. We just tossed things and cleaned as we moved. We've lived in this house for nine years and I haven't done the official "spring cleaning" thing ever. Hubby and I have decided this is the time to pitch things that we don't need, so it may take some time to put the house back together. He's also decided to paint the office while it's empty. Good, except that most of this junk is from the office. Maybe I'll just ban the kids from the basement until this is all over.

The good news (besides that my carpet looks fabulous--I mean it's just carpet, but mine was soooo bad, that the change is remarkable!) is that our freshly-painted room is back in order and I just found the kitchen table again this afternoon.

But, finding the kitchen and being able to stand within three feet of the stove also means that I'll have to cook tonight--no more Applebee's.

Oh, did I mention that slow blogging also means NO WRITING? This really makes me sad because I was really motivated to write after reading Debbi's post at One Writer's Journey: The Bumpy Road. She's a hard worker. If anyone can climb to the top, she can. And, that made me want to try even harder myself.


At 1:41 PM, Blogger Heather said...

Oh, so I come back and you leave! The nerve!

Hope your task at hand gives you tons of inspiration. I'll be sure to come by and give you a few pokes if it gets too quiet!

At 7:08 PM, Blogger Susan Taylor Brown said...

Kim, I wanted to write to you after you posted to my blog about only getting an hour a day to write. I'm sorry I didn't get right back to you because I could SO relate to what you are going through. You are doing the toughest job of all right now, being a mom. Take that hour where you can. Or maybe only 15 minutes. Use it to jot down ideas, or brainstorm, or even make a list of your writing goals. It seems impossible to build a career like that but I tell you, you can do it. I did. I started when my kids were toddlers, very needy toddlers, and I didn't write much but I wrote a bit whenever I could. And if I could write, I read about writing or writers. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your writing is not write until the pain of not writing becomes unbearable. If you can find it (out of print), I HIGHLY recommend reading Tillie Olsen's book Silences. It is all about the struggles of women writers when the need to create had to take second place to everything else in our lives.
Write on, right now.


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