Sunday, February 12, 2006

Baby Can't Sleep

My "official" review of BABY CAN'T SLEEP will be one of the featured picture books at YA Books Central tomorrow.

But, you can have a sneak peek today.

I really enjoyed this book! I can picture all the fun activities parents and teachers can do to tie-in with this book: acting out the sheeps' actions, making sheep hats with ears, addition and subtraction fun, talking about bedtime rituals, making up new things for the sheep to do, talking about how they relax, having pajama day, making sheep puppets or bean bags (that would look like Baby's special toy).

But, what I really want to do right now is make a little sheep out of clay, artistq -style. Since we're off to the store to buy clay to finish up a school project, we might just do that! (A is supposed to be making a community pool for the model city they are making at school. We've decided to use clay to make some of the exterior details--the life preservers, chairs, etc.)


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