Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Sky Is Falling!

A has almost finished her story, "What Creature is Babysitting Anna?" She has revised (a little). She bribed her sister (with candy) to pose for pictures. S was a great model and showed the appropriate amount of fear and surprise. Tonight, we put the pictures into PowerPoint with the text. Tomorrow, she's adding white circles to cover MY face (I posed as the creature). Then, she'll print the story and color with markers on top of the photographs to finish up the features on the creatures. Imagine the pictures as a second grader's version of the illustrations in Knuffle Bunny.

This was the fifth weekend in a row that we've had visitors. (Yeah, no wonder I'm not getting enough sleep!) It was fun to visit with my sister-in-law and nephew. They came for the Chiefs game today.

We saw Chicken Little on Saturday. What a CUTE movie! I'm a sucker for Disney movie soundtracks, so guess what my girls owned as of 4:00 today? Hubby was against buying it--it's too close to Christmas. A found a loophole--she sat in front of the computer on the Chicken Little site playing games and listening to the song. She decided that she'd sing "One Little Slip" by Barenaked Ladies for her music class talent show tomorrow (real low-key, seat-of-your-pants fun day.). SO...of course that meant that we needed to OWN the CD so that she could practice!

I have critique group again tomorrow...and nothing prepared. Uh oh. Maybe they'd like to see me dance to "Shake Your Tail Feathers" by the Cheetah Girls. On second thought. Probably not.


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