Wednesday, October 19, 2005

(Almost) Back in Action!

Thank you Chris and Troy for your comments regarding my illness!

Here's the update:

Today was worse than yesterday. I coughed so much that my throat felt like I'd been breathing through my mouth while running on a cold day. This afternoon, I realized I needed to go to the doctor, but I didn't have time. We have so much going on over the next few days. Spending 1/2 a day at the doctor would totally mess up our plans. (The way it is, I have to be at conferences and S's preschool at the same time. Oops!)

Tonight when Hubby got home, I went to the urgent care. There was no one there. They were joking about needing to stand on the street with a sign "URGENT CARE. NO WAITING."

Unfortunately, I then spent 20 minutes at the pharmacy before anyone told me they were not on my insurance company's preferred list...which meant I'd have to spend A LOT of $$ for my meds.

So, 2 1/2 hours later (still better than a 1/2 a day when people have work, school and other appointments and activities!) I am back home with super duper cough medicine, an antibiotic and a diagnosis: I have bronchitis.

I had the same thing this exact time last year--except then I also had fluid in my ears from flying with a sinus infection.

Hope to be back in action on Monday...after all my company leaves.


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