Tuesday, October 04, 2005


THIS POST HAS BEEN EDITED BECAUSE it has been getting lots of Halloween google hits...and I'd hate to think the people I was talking about could google it!

Sorry I've been MIA. Wow, four days without blogging and I wasn't even on vacation.

I spent all day Friday cleaning for out-of-town visitors. I think I'm hiring my neighbor's cleaning lady. It took me all day to pick up before I ever got to cleaning. I just don't have time for this...and we have three more special visitor occasions this month.

We had a great visit with the in-laws who spoiled my kids rotten, buying DVDs and dolls and games we don't need (and the kids loved!). They also watched soccer games (the girls loved having a new audience) and took the kids to Chuck E Cheese's while baby K napped.

I'm slipping into my winter panic attack already. It usually doesn't hit until mid-November. I thought the preschool schedule would help. It might...if Baby K would nap! Poor baby, she's sick with a crusty nose yet again.


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