Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ya Gotta Love Seth

Ya gotta love Seth Godin. He has such a way of making his point.

What would happen to your organization if you had a solid ten minutes with her majesty? How much benefit would you receive if you were able to tell your story to millions of people on television? Of course, you can’t pay to be on Oprah, but if you could, no doubt you would.
This simple thought exercise exposes the paradox that we’re finding online.

Should authors get paid to put their work into Google Print, the online service that lets you search for information inside a book?

Be sure to read the entire blog post for another way of looking at the Google Print issue.

He ends with this: So, the real question to ask isn’t, “how much will I get paid to talk with these people?” The real question is, “how much will I PAY to talk with these people?”


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