Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A Great PR Deal

Here's a great PR deal for you.

Back in my other life, I used PR Leads to become an "expert source" for online, magazine and newspaper articles to help promote my newsletter and consulting businesses.

Here's a little bit from their site:

When you use PR LEADS, we'll put you in touch with reporters who need to quote experts like you. That's right. We get approximately 100 requests a day from reporters who are writing stories for major publications who desperately need to find experts to quote in their stories. We'll give you their names and email addresses and their story angles so you can contact them! If you have the information they need, they'll feature you and your books in their publications. We're talking big name publications and media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Newsweek, as well as Redbook and Glamour.

Now, here's the offer. As a past customer, I received an email saying I could get five free days if I replied before midnight tonight. As we are all well aware, I have nothing to promote at the moment. SO, I emailed Dan Janal and asked if I could tell my writer friends about this offer.

Dan provides all his clients with training on how to respond to the leads, how to formulate responses that will pique the reporter's interest, etc. SO, he didn't think it was a good idea to let you all try the product without training. HOWEVER, he agreed to send out five days worth of OLD leads so you could test the product to see if there's enough potential for you. (The regular price is just $99/month; I do not think there's any minimum commitment.)

When I was a client, I found it was pretty easy to find a newsworthy spin on many of the topics that arose frequently. As you will see if you visit the PR Leads site, they receive requests for experts on zillions of topics.

If you are interested in the Five Days of OLD leads to see what it's like, email Dan before midnight tonight and tell him Kim sent you!


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