Friday, April 08, 2005

One Cruddy First Draft

Yesterday, I completed one cruddy first draft of the picture book I've been struggling with. Hooray! Yes, this is cause for celebration. I always have trouble until I can get a framework down--you know the whole beginning, middle and end thing.

I had hoped to start fleshing it out last night, but we had huge internet problems. After my husband spent two hours reconfiguring our whole network, we learned that there was an outage. That'll teach us to call first! But, who would have known? Our wired computer was working fine and the wireless ones were not--before he started.

So, two hours later, my manuscript is freed like a genie from a bottle. You should have seen me pacing the house. I hated that my writing was trapped and I couldn't get to it. I work on three different computers in the house. I sit down and write wherever the girls give me a free moment. You can do that when you have a great network and can pull up your manuscript from anywhere--see my husband is not all bad :-)

Actually, I alternated between pacing, writing poetry and soaking my aching back in the tub (That massage left my back a little sore...OK, if you must know, I read or write in the tub almost every night too.) Now, I have two more little poems to share next week for poetry week.

The new Writer's Digest and the new Highlights came this week. Lots of noteworthy stuff in both, but they are upstairs ( a downfall of having too many computers--your stuff is never where you need it to be) and everyone is still sleeping ... for another 15 minutes, that is. Oops. It was more like 30 seconds--A just walked in.


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