Sunday, April 03, 2005

Spring is here!

Spring has finally hit the Midwest! Yea!!! I am going to start tracking my mood and accomplishments along with the weather. I am on such a high right now. I'm sure this sounds loony, but I just felt like I was soaking up energy from the sun when I was outside today. I've mentioned before that, at times, I seem a bit manic depressive. I know I'm not really, but I do have such fluctuations in my energy levels and desire to do things. So, if I disappear for a bit, you can almost bet that it's cloudy or raining here.

It was nearly 80 today. We went on our first family bike ride--all 5 of us. A rode S's bike, and K and S rode in the trailer behind mine. My husband rode behind A to make sure she kept up. I've been waiting for soooo long to take a bike ride with the whole family. Did I mention it was beautiful out? A took a spill on her bike once we reached the park. She's all scraped up, but we did manage to get her back on the thing. She's been afraid of riding ever since she wiped out two years ago.

We got S a new bike for her birthday; it's better than A old clunker. A desparately needs a new one. We were struggling with how we could justify buying Abby one for no good reason when S's was a present. Then, the other day, they each opened their piggy banks and we discovered that both kids had over $60 in their banks. To think I was feeling sorry for them because I never give them any change! Anyway, A has decided to use her money to buy a new bike. Problem solved and a great money lesson learned.

We spent a lot of time outside today. In addition to the bike ride, we got in a nice walk. We bought the trampoline at about 7:00. It's partially set up. The girls and I will finish it up tomorow. They can hardly wait to start jumping. Great exercise, in my book!

We did not get far on A's reading this weekend. The weather and Daylight Savings Time are working against us when it comes to homework. I think this will be a struggle for the rest of the school year.

Speaking of reading, this reminds me that it's time to get to writing. I didn't get much of a first draft going last night...but it's still more than I had the day before.


At 2:52 AM, Blogger Heather said...

Sun? Whats thst again? I forget! We're in our 2nd week of rain...which in this area is better than snow...but it sure makes for dreariness!! Glad you could get out and enjoy the freah air!


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