Sunday, April 03, 2005

Meg Cabot, My Buns and Other Stuff

Meg Cabot is coming to town on my birthday! She's reading a chapter from the new Princess Diaries book. I want to take the girls, but my girls are 9 months, 4 and 7. While the PD movies are fantastic, I wouldn't let my friend's 12 year old read the PD books. I love the books--they are very funny, for a teenager to read. And, Meg Cabot is so, so funny. You really need to check out her blog.

I worked my hiney off at the gym on Friday. I wish I could say that literally. Wouldn't it have been great to leave one quarter of each bun right there on the gym floor? At any rate, I was in pain yesterday and am in even more pain today. Think I'll take that same class on Monday. It seems to work.

Well, I say it works, but then...I still weigh the same as I did 9 months after having K. What's up with that? I just completed week one (again) of my new (again), and improved eating plan. No Easter candy or any other holiday food around this time to mess things up.We don't use the word "diet" at my house--I have three girls. I think we're in for enough body image issues without making them think mom is on a diet every week. So, we just focus on eating healthy and getting lots of exercise.

I think we'll be taking the big plunge today. It's trampoline time for us. It's great exercise, and I'm hoping it will save the furniture. Maybe S will stop jumping on the bed, the couch and the sofa cushions. I think she's one of the original Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. The girls are thrilled. My husband is cautious, and I'm hoping for a few minutes of peace and quiet a couple of times a day.

Baby Koala (that's what I call K) doesn't give me much down time. She's always clinging to me--and she never sleeps. She takes two half hour naps each day. She does sleep 11 hours at night, so I do have that going for me. But, how on earth does JK Rowling do it? How did she do it? What an amazing woman! By the way, did you preorder your Harry Potter book? I did! I can't wait to read it. It broke a publishing record with 10.8 million copies printed in the first print run.

And one more thought about blogs: I think every young adult author needs one. Really. It may seem trendy or even crazy to some adults, but to the YA author's target audience, it's the way they communicate, share thoughts and gather opinions. It's not a trend. It's the way today's teens think, which means there's no better way to communicate with your YA audience than with a web site and a blog...and maybe a live chat or two.

Make that two thoughts on blogs: Blogging (and web sites) for new authors is a little like the chicken and the egg. To gain a following before having a published book would be huge--it would help sell the book. (Why do you think celebrities get all those book deals while the rest of us struggle? They already have a following, so the book is a sure thing for the publisher) On the other hand, what on earth will I put on my new author's web site? That is ... the one I'm going to start soon, very soon.

And, did I mention that I'm now officially addicted to blogging? I want to *be* one of those writers I have linked on my blog. I mean, I want to be ME, but I want to be published. Was that actually three thoughts on blogs? Blogging could be a good thing for me. Oops. Make that four.


At 2:54 PM, Blogger Heather said...

Lookie you! Blogomaniacial!

What I learned about getting a readership - is I started to read other blogs...and responding to them, and soon enough people started paying attention to mine. Thats how it is "starting" to work for me. You'll notice I have some links to
blogwise, gob and blogcatalogue...these are sites where you can register your blog and surf others. Its a good way of finding a community or just looking for cool blogs. And then once you look at new blogs, you'll see who they link to and so on. Its almost viral!!

good luck and keep up the good work!


At 3:06 PM, Blogger Kim said...

Cool. Thanks for the tips. I just registered!


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