Friday, April 01, 2005

A Little Buzz

One over-caffeinated mom...that means I can have a little buzz and zip and zap around a bit right? I wrote a lot about writing today, but I have not yet gotten into my other really cool hobby, digi-scrapping. It, obviously, stands for digital scrapbooking. My goal is to make each of my three daughters her own scrapbook. I print off scrapbook pages, include journal entries I've written, and scan and print their precious artwork. The idea is that each girl will get to take her own "life story" with her when she moves out, but I'm really falling in love with each creation. Just as I don't want to let my little babies go, I'm not sure I want to give up those books!

It's going to be a really nice weekend here. We're planning on swimming (indoors), inline skating and biking. It's so nice to finally get outside and do something. Of course, the girls are already begging to swim outside. It won't be warm enough for that for another two months--but there should be some good sprinkler days by early May before the public pool opens.

It won't be long until the excitement of parks, swimming, biking and hiking wears off and they are asking, "Mom, what can we do today?" Fortunately, we created our own "Great Big Book of Everything To Do" a few years ago. We used to have about 10 kids that would hang out on our driveway begging for me to entertain them. One day, I pulled out a pen and paper and we brainstormed fun things to do. After that, any time one of the gaggle looked at me with those "play with me" eyes, I pulled out the book and read off activities until they chose one. We have over 100 activities in our book today. Which reminds day, I'll need to write about our fairy tale chalk games and our magic carpet rides.


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