Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Santa Knows

When Cynthia Leitich Smith found out how much A loved Santa Knows, she linked to my blog entry that discussed A's reaction to the book (See A Young Reader Believer Story on the Santa Knows site). But, that's not all. Because A thought that the Leitich Smiths were elves, Cynthia sent an autographed post card for A's stocking.

When A pulled out the card, she said, "Oh, this must be a letter from Santa." She had written a letter to Santa the night before asking Santa to find her missing stuffed animal, Lammy. She ended the letter with, "I will always believe in you."

She opened the envelope and pulled out the card. She read the card, "Merry Christmas from the elves." She shrieked. "They're real. They're real. They're real elves!"

She finished looking through her stocking and was thrilled with sunscreen, hand sanitizer, goggles (all things the girls will need in the coming weeks :-) and her double dutch jump rope. All this time, S was quietly looking at the contents of her own stocking. A looked at the coffee table and saw the note from Santa. "Oh, here's the note from Santa," she said before she read Santa's letter aloud to the rest of us. Santa thanked her for the cookies and milk and the reindeer treats we threw in the front yard, and for the cheese for Santa Mouse. * He told her Lammy was in her closet, to do her homework and to help clean that messy room (since that was how Lammy disappeared!).

Then...she got down to the part that said, "I hope you enjoy your iPod. Please remember to share and to take good care of it."

She frantically looked around. "What iPod? Where is it?" Then she saw it. Right on the table next to the spot she picked the note up from. "That wasn't there! Santa made that appear just now! That wasn't there before!"

"An iPod! An iPod!" Now S was screaming too!

It was a very special Christmas at home! The girls (and hubby and I) enjoyed waking up in our own home on Christmas morning and creating our own holiday traditions. It has always felt weird to me because our holiday tradition has always been to travel on Christmas Eve and run around to all the relatives homes eating and exchanging presents.

Happy Holidays! I wish each of you a joyous and prosperous New Year.

* Do you know about Santa Mouse? Santa Mouse was my favorite Christmas book as a kid. I found a copy for $5 this year. At my brother's house, stocking presents are from Santa Mouse. The girls thought Santa Mouse sounded like a pretty cool mouse, so this year, stocking presents came from SANTA MOUSE at our house too!


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