Friday, December 08, 2006

Jump Ropes

I mentioned the new Disney Channel movie, Jump In, in an earlier post. In that post, I also told you where to go to get your double dutch fabric (come know you want new flannel jammies or maybe a pillow!) HINT: Austin illustrator Don Tate is now a fabric designer!!!

Now, here's where to get your double dutch jump ropes: The Jump Rope Store.

I bought ropes for S, A and K for Christmas. These are the old-style gym class ropes. You can choose the length. AND, you can choose the bead colors. A is getting a pink and purple rope. S will get blue, green and purple. K gets a smaller rope in purple and pink. The price is a reasonable $16.95 + shipping for a double dutch (less for smaller ropes). And, mine arrived in just two days!

Yep, we'll be doing double dutch in the garage on Christmas Day!


At 6:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bought some for my kiddos for Easter but never got them. I'm glad they didn't screw you over too. They have the absolute WORST customer service ever! Stole my $40 and never returned any of my numerous phone calls/emails or mailed any of the 5 ropes I bought from them.


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