Tuesday, December 05, 2006

All Partied Out!

Looking back on October and November, it's a wonder I got any writing done at all. We hosted a lot of parties: Halloween work gathering, Hubby's surprise party and S's pirate birthday party. I still have the neighborhood hayride with Santa. It starts at my house, but I no longer plan it. (See....I CAN say no!) And, we still have the 3rd grade winter party that I'm one of three room moms for (That one will be easy!)

My neighbor reminded me of all the parties when I mentioned another party opportunity. I briefly considered hosting a Jump In party. (Until I remembered that we'll have A's b-day party that month. One party a month is definitely enough, even in my book!) Disney Channel has a new original movie, Jump In, staring Corbin Bleu (one of the boys from HS Musical) and Keke Palmer (the girl from Keelah and the Bee). It's a jump rope movie with what appears to be a hot soundtrack. I predict this will be bigger than Cheetah Girls 2.

So... I'm buying double dutch jump ropes for Christmas and I'll be picking up some of Don Tate's flannel and fleece when it's available. Don has just licensed some illustrations for a fabric line and one of those will be double dutch jump ropers! (I'll make something simple like pillows or scarves, as I'm not much of a seamstress!

Pick up Don's fabric, get a jump rope and start the year with what will be the hottest old exercise around!


At 10:57 PM, Blogger Don Tate II said...

Thanks Kim! Pirate party? That sounds like so much fun; we'll keep that idea in mind for K!


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