Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Would we be a more literate society if...

I took the girls to Applebee's for dinner tonight. The kid's menu had an ad for Lowe's home improvement stores, saying that kids could go to Lowe's to work on various wood crafting projects throughout the summer.

This reminded me of Sonic and their passion for offering what they consider to be educational toys with their kids' meals.

This made me wonder what would happen if books were promoted the same way we promote movies in this country.

Why don't we see book tie-ins in kids' meals and on kids' menus at restaurants? Does it have to be Disney and Pixar movie characters all the time? Now, I know many children's authors hate the idea of selling out. But, I personally think it would help the industry and literacy as a whole if publishers took their marketing to where the kids are.

Why not....tie in with someone like Sonic and offer a short story or activity book that ties in with a new release (with a coupon for a discount on the book or a special incentive with purchase).

Why not... offer McDonald's a picture book series of toys or stuffed dolls based on famous PB characters or even a way for kids to collect points that they can redeem for a new book?

Why not ...promote new releases with the movie trailers at movies that target the same type of audience?

Maybe it all comes down to budget once again. However, kids will want to read if they find a book they love and they think reading is cool. Why can't we make reading become important by giving it the high profile our beloved characters deserve?


At 2:26 AM, Blogger TrudyJ said...

You are SO right! What a great idea ... though from what I know about publishers and promotion it's about as likely to happen as emus are to fall out of the sky. But it's something I would love to see, too!

(And look! right after I randomly picked "emus fall out of the sky" as an example of something not likely to happen, the secret word I have to type in to prove to Blogger than I'm human is: "emufo"! Coincidence? I think not!!)

At 8:17 PM, Blogger Don Tate II said...

Actually my son brought home some very nice little books from, of all places, Chik Fa la, as part of their version of happy meals.

At 6:59 AM, Blogger Heather said...

Always the entrepreneurial spirit! Why promote only movies and tv? Heck, go for cereal boxes too!


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