Wednesday, August 23, 2006


If you want to know what tweener girls are into, I encourage you to watch Friday night's premiere of CHEETAH GIRLS 2 on Disney Channel. This time, the girls go to Spain for a shot at their big break. Directed by Kenny Ortega (the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL director), Disney is hoping for another hit with the tween crowd.

You (or your children :-) can go to the Disney Channel website to sample music and get party plans. Being the party family that we are, the girls are having friends over for the premiere. This time, we've limited it to just five friends, so we'll have seven girls total--eight if you count our two year old who will no doubt want to be in on the fun!

We're rolling out the red carpet and asking the girls to wear Cheetahlicious rock star clothes. I couldn't find enough red poster board to make a red carpet (and I swore I wasn't going to spend a fortune on this party after our big blowout in July), so I think I'm going to paint a pink carpet using Crayola paints on the driveway.

A wants to follow the official party plans on the Cheetah Girls site, so she's setting up a concession stand, and we've asked each attendee to bring a snack. We're serving popcorn in paper sacks and we have small boxes of M&Ms and Milk Duds.

Our camera is broken. S accidentally threw it across the kitchen last weekend. SIGH. If I did have a working camera, I'd take a red carpet photo of each girl and send them home with a party photo framed in the cheetah print frame that is part of my Microsoft clip art.


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