Sunday, June 11, 2006

Summer Reading Slide

This post by Esme Raji Codell really made me think. It's full of great ideas on how to prevent the summer reading slide in children. If you haven't already, visit Esme's new blog: The PlanetEsme Book-A-Day Plan: The Best New Children's Books from Esme's Shelf .

"Who wants to sit still when the sun is shining? To keep reading in the running for a summer recreation choice, help children pick and design a special spot, a clubhouse of sorts where they can retreat. How about redecorating an old refrigerator or piano box? Clear out a corner of a closet? Build a backyard tipi?"

Esme also suggests: "have a beach-blanket read-aloud , reading sleepovers, a reading by campfire, a reading-based cooking club where you choose recipes based on books."

Which, of course, gave me an idea! We've already been taking The Magician's Nephew to the pool to read on rest breaks, and our library, children's museum and indie book store have some great reading programs (including local authors!). Now, I'm thinking we'll have a mid-summer reading party. I haven't put much thought into the how-to part yet, but I'm thinking--book-themed snacks and crafts and a book swap. Maybe we could decorate pillow cases to make a "reading pillow" or make canvas bags.

So, what kind of books would you recommend for a party for 5-8 year old girls? I'd like to keep it outside as much as possible too :-)


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