Thursday, April 27, 2006


WHY? Why are all the great conferences all in April, right on top of soccer, baseball, dance recitals, school fairs, proms and other end-of-the-school-year events?

I do wonder, but I'm also whining because I'm missing out on a great conference this weekend.

Friday is A's big school fun run and auction--the girls expect me to run with them. It's actually a pretty fun family event (when I have money to spend on auction items!)

Saturday--I will volunteer at S's school art fair/auction at 9:00 a.m. Hubby will bring the girls for some games and snacks while I'm there.Then, it's off to A's soccer game. S and I will have to leave early because she has dance rehearsal for The Big Show.* A will not be far behind. She has a rehearsal at the same place for an in-studio show for her acting class. We'll sit around for a few hours--maybe I'll actually get to write while I wait since Hubby will have Baby K--then it will be time to go home to collapse around 3:00!

Sunday--another soccer game. We're also going to see Akeelah and the Bee with our super-smart spelling bee friend!


*The Big Show. S signed up for a little dance class this year. I say little because S is not a "showy" kid. She wanted a simple dance class. They told us there was a recital. I pictured the typical recital--kids shuffled onto stage, lined up, do their show, shuffle off stage, go home. Maybe just one show for the little ones. She was fine with that. So was I.

NOOOOOOO way. This is A Big Show, a theatrical production! They have rehearsals two weekends in a row. The older kids will be there five hours; little kids, "just" two. The week of the show, the rehearsals are 2 hours one night and four hours the second night. Little S won't be leaving until 9 p.m.!

There's a Friday show and two Saturday shows. On that Saturday, S and I will be at the theater from noon-9:00 p.m. (I've volunteered for Green Room duty so she doesn't have to be alone.) For some kids, this might be fun, but this is not S's idea of fun! I wish I would have known what I was getting her into with this :-(

I'm packing lots of books and coloring books and games to try to make the "green room" seem like fun mommy time. Another parent (one whose 5 year old is also involved, but who has been involved with many shows) says that the little kids think it's a lot of fun. I hope she's right!


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