Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Camp Pinkalicious

Friday night, 15 kids will attend Camp Pinkalicious in my backyard. We're calling it a "reading party in honor of summer and lots of great books." Inside the invitation, we have a picture of the Cowboy Camp cover. Underneath, it says, "Cowboy games. Cowboy food." Below that is the Pinkalicious cover with the words "and lots of pink, pink, pink!"

We asked kids to bring a paint shirt and one used book to swap.

When they arrive, they will be assigned to a tent where their counselor will read the welcome announcements and daily camp schedule. While they wait for the other campers to arrive, they can read books in their comfy tents.

Next, they are off to "wardrobe" where they will get pink ribbon hair ties, pink nail polish and pink pony tails. (For the one best friend who is a boy, we bought silver hair spray. The girls get pink)

We'll ring the dinner bell and they will go to the mess hall for cowboy dinner. We decided on hot dogs, baked beans, carrots and chips to make this easy. Dinner will be served in tin pans.

While we eat, I'll read Cowboy Camp. (author site)

After dinner, it's off to the garage to paint reading pillows.

While they are painting (or right after, depending on the attention span) we'll read Pinkalicious (author site).

The obstacle course will be next. We have a tin can shoot (water guns), sack races, horse shoes, "horse" races, hula hoops and some hoops to hop through.

After they are all hot and tired, we'll make S'mores and have Campground Karoke. A wants to teach the kids to sing I Will Survive, and the dance that goes with it, from her Girl Power Pop Vocals camp. We've also made a long CD of songs tweeners love, with lots of High School Musical.

We'll end the night with a water balloon fight. While they wait for parents to pick up, they can make book marks and post cards or run around the yard like wild people (most likely).

So, that's the plan. I'll post a few pictures post-party!

This party was inspired by this post by Esme Raji Codell


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