Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Wild Couple of Days

What a wild couple of days it has been! Yep, last weekend was the big 20 year reunion I've been talking about. It was fun (a lot of fun!), and I'm glad I went, but now I'm exhausted. There's something about talking to people I haven't talked to in 20 years-- and won't talk to again until the next reunion --that wore me out. By 9:00 the last night, I decided it was also a waste of time and went back to my in-law's house to snuggle with baby K.

Things I discovered:

1) I was boy crazy.
2) I really did hang out with lots of different crowds.
3) It's a good thing my parents were so strict because I had some funny story about a crush I had on almost every cute boy there.
4) I was nice to everyone. (I'm still not sure I believe this, but people kept coming up to my husband and telling him how I went out of my way to be nice to them when no one else wouldn't. Baffling to lil' ol' stuck up me :-)

I also saw lots of people from the boyfriend list I posted a few months ago.

1) DJ just returned from Iraq. His wife had a baby (his) while he was away. The wife is adorable. She does have a small butt. She loved the story where he told me that he would never date anyone with a butt larger than his. He is an ER doctor and had the most hilarious stories--most of which are not appropriate to share in this blog.
2) JB wasn't on my first list, but relates to a story I told about DJ a while back. People were still talking about the time JB came to my door and wanted me to "go with him" and I replied, "Sure. Where are we going?" JB doesn't remember this. I hope I didn't traumatize him. DJ and I still think it's incredibly funny.
3) BD also has an adorable wife. I think he sent his son in his place. The guy who showed up looked 18!
4) ND---oh, man! I loved this guy. And he loves guys too.
5) TB--good thing I didn't hook up with him. He cheated on his wife.
6) TW--the one guy who looked the least like himself. Short, fat-ish, bald, recently divorced, tried to hit on my friend, AO.

I had a great time talking to my friend AO. She was in my wedding and I hadn't seen her in years. The boys all wanted me to do a cheer. Apparently, I have a famous cheer. I had to remind them that I am shy and don't do cheers. They called my Kimmy and we laughed about the old neighborhood. It was fun, but they never convinced me to do the cheer.

I ate dinner with the kids from the old neighborhood and got the scoop on all our old friends. Lots of parents have died of cancer, something I find peculiar.

And a nice surprise, three people live in Kansas City very near where I do. It's doubtful we'll make the time to meet up, but it was entertaining to talk about--and gave my husband something he had in common with people. HE was such a trooper!

There was one woman, we think she may have been in the special needs classes, that no one knew. I was so proud of her. She walked up and introduced herself and talked to everyone. I think she probably had more fun than anyone else there.

So, go to your reunion! Even if you were a shy kid whose name no one will remember. Go. We all mixed well. Maybe it was because back then, people started school and stayed in the same school system through high school. I don't know.

I'll be back to post again later today. I'm sure there's something important I have to say!


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