Monday, June 20, 2005

A busy weekend!

We've had a super-busy couple of days.

On Thursday, I took A and S to our outdoor theater to see the traveling production of Disney's On The Record. They had tons of fun and can't wait to go to the next show in a few weeks.

We took K berry picking for her birthday on Friday because that's what the girls did the day she was born. She loved it. Ate lots of blueberries and crawled around on the ground and practiced her standing and gooed up the stroller with berry juice.

The girls helped make K's cake. We made my mom's old Cool Whip and pudding frosting for it. We ate dinner and had cake with the neighbors because the girls thought the 12 year old next door (the one who helps me with the girls all the time) needed to be with K all day long. My neighbor made homemade dumplings and crab rangoon. Yummy!

I wasn't really wanting to buy a big present for her because we have three girls and lots and lots of perfectly good toys. But, the girls found just the perfect thing--a new art table...something that will come in handy at this house! (The doctor reminded me that I should have her scribbing already! Oh...I am so slow with this baby of mine! I'm just not in a hurry for her to be doing big kid things!)

Saturday, we made lots of recipes with blueberries. A has a new pudding/banana/strawberry/blueberry/cool whip recipe she made up. It was quite good! We also went to the drive in to see Batman. Very good. Very scary. The girls slept in the van during most of the movie. They are so good about that! (which makes for a cheap movie for us--$7 per adult to get in and you bring your own snacks, plus no babysitter!)

Yesterday, we took the girls to the Royals game. They were pretty good. We left in the middle of the 8th inning and A was mad we had to leave early. We had great seats in the shade with a breeze and a parking pass as close to the entrance as you can get. (Tickets we bought at A's school auction.)

I think today, we'll rest! But, A is already asking to go to Chuck E Cheese's, the science museum..."or if we can't do that, can we go to the mall across from it?"

Uh...I think I need to teach them that everyday is not a party! When C left for work, he was teasing me... "Well, you always find something to celebrate. It's Groundhog Day. Think we need a party. Oh, Arbor Day? Better find an activity!"

I'm not that bad...really!


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